Bragdon & Bragdon has over 35 years of combined experience!
Experience matters. Especially when you are on your own and attempting to navigate the complex personal injury laws that exist today.

When a legal hurdle presents itself in your life, use the years of experience of Bragdon & Bragdon to your advantage in order to achieve the best result in your case.

We pride ourselves on the ability to create effective case strategies with successful results time and time again, ultimately creating happy clients. That’s our ultimate goal — for you to get what you deserve.

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Often times it feels like an uphill battle dealing with an insurance company, and we completely understand.

With over 35 years of combined personal injury experience and helping the injured since 1995 providing legal services to those who are victims at the hands of another, we have literally heard every excuse in the book from insurance companies as reasons to deny or reduce your claim. Nothing surprises us at this point. With that said, you need a lawyer who has been around the block so to speak. This is what we do, and all we do. Injury law.

When it comes to the clients we represent, we don’t mess around when it comes to obtaining maximum compensation.

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Our office has over 35 years
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    Our office provides legal representation to those injured at the fault of another in the State of Tennessee. Give us a call to see how with can assist you — the call is free and we won’t bite, so rest assured you’ve got someone to listen to your issue and provide you with the best possible outcome and advice depending on your situation.

– 1995, The Beginning

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering at the University of Tennessee and serving in the U.S. Army as a missile maintenance officer while leaving at the rank of captain, Robert O. Bragdon worked as an energy consultant before becoming plant manager of Samsonite’s Murfreesboro facility.

In 1990, Robert enrolled at Nashville School of Law in order to pursue an alternate career as an attorney, while obtaining his J.D. in 1995. After becoming licensed to practice law in Tennessee, Mr. Bragdon has dedicated the majority of his 20+ year career to the area of personal injury law as he finds great satisfaction in protecting the rights of those who unfortunately have been injured at the fault of another.

– 2005, 10 years In

In 2005, Robert O. Bragdon’s son, Robert B. Bragdon, began working with the office as a paralegal after graduating from high school at Oakland High School immediately followed by training for the Army National Guard,where Robert ended up becoming an Apache helicopter crew chief while graduating at the top of his class.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert B. Bragdon graduated from Middle Tennessee State University while majoring in political science prior to attending law school at Florida Coastal Law School.

– 2013, Father and Son

In July of 2013, Robert B. Bragdon became licensed to practice law in Tennessee, thus the formation of Bragdon & Bragdon. Since that time, Robert B. Bragdon has focused on personal injury matters, to include automobile accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.


“Family isn’t just important. It’s everything. So let our law office help you or your loved one by offering the highest level of personal service with legal results demanded.”

We are a Murfreesboro-based, father-and-son law office with specific focus on personal injury matters.

— Robert B. Bragdon