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    Does it cost to discuss my potential lawsuit with one of our attorneys at Bragdon & Bragdon?

    AAbsolutely not. Call our office anytime, day or night, as we would love to speak with you about your potential case. After all, that’s why we went to law school in the first place — to help assert the legal rights of others. With over twenty years of experience, with focus on personal injury matters, we have plenty of advice to give and nothing brings us more satisfaction than helping folks in need.
    If I have case, what will it cost me?

    A It depends. There are various types of lawsuits, from civil to criminal to probate to juvenile, all of which require a certain financial expense as part of proceeding with a lawsuit. With that said, most of the cases that we take at Bragdon & Bragdon are on a contingency fee basis — meaning we pay for the expenses and upon resolution of the case, we would deduct an agreed upon percentage from the total settlement or verdict as attorney’s fees. Contingency fee arrangements vary from twenty-five to forty percent (25-40%) and are typically only in personal injury cases while other types of law may require an up-front, and potentially non-refundable retainer. Call our office to discuss your options today. We’re fair and honest with regard to our hourly rates. We will be happy to explain in detail any potential financial burden to you, as we would expect for others to do the same for us.
    I was hurt in a car accident, what should I do next?

    AFirst and foremost, your health is of the utmost importance, so make sure to get the medical attention you need whether it be emergency room care or through a primary care physician. With that said, insurance companies often deny claims based on a delay or gap in treatment following an automobile, so time is of the essence following an accident. Make sure to mention that you were in an automobile accident to the treating physician so that the event is recorded in your medical records, a good piece of supporting evidence if you are in a low-impact case.

    Once you have received emergency care, if needed, then make sure that you do not to give a recorded statement to any insurance company, even your own. While you pay them monthly for the unexpected need of automobile insurance coverage, they aren’t your friends and the insurance companies will use any reason at all to deny or reduce your claim. Check with your own insurance carrier to determine if you have underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage by asking for a copy of your policy limits, otherwise called a declaration page.

    Outside of medical treatment, call our office (615.896.5600) as soon as possible following a car crash resulting in injuries, so that we may advise you on what steps to take in order to obtain your deserved compensation. Often times, insurance companies will string you along with promises only to hole out until the last minute in order to decrease your ability to find an attorney as the last minute. They know most lawyers don’t like filing lawsuits on the very last day, and being that you only have a year from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, the clock starts ticking the moment you’ve been hit. And time can fly when you are attempting to hold a full-time job, manage a family and get medical treatment.

    Let us ease the burden of dealing with an insurance, so call us today to find out how we can help you. If we determine that you would be better off without legal representation, then we will be happy to provide any advise needed in order to fight them on your own. We don’t take cases that leave our clients with nothing after expenses and attorney’s fee. That’s not us. Never has been, never will be.

    How long do I have to file a lawsuit for personal injury in Tennessee?

    AOne year from the date of the accident. Tenn.Code.Ann § 28-3-104