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If you or a loved one was recently injured in a car accident, let our office and our twenty-five years of experience with thousands of injury cases help you fight against the insurance companies.

One of the main reasons to hire a local and legitimate personal injury attorney is to increase your chance at obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries associated with a car, motorcycle, or truck accident.

Big insurance companies know the difference in having a lawyer and not having one and we’ve seen countless examples of potential clients coming to us with a certain offer to settle a claim that would leave the individual actually owing more to medical providers or health insurance companies than they are being paid by the insurance company who is at-fault for the collision.

Let our office help navigate through the lies and deception from the big insurance companies. We’ve dealt with them for years and know exactly what needs to be done to increase your compensation.

Our law firm has helped thousands of individuals and families, both young and old, get compensated for being injured in a car wreck.

Both Robert O. Bragdon and Robert B. Bragdon have extensive experience with automobile injury claims and even trial experience that sometimes become necessary depending on the nature of injuries and whether or not liability is being contested.

Our office deals with the insurance companies (auto and health) while you get the treatment you need to help alleviate your symptoms. Our goal is for you to get better while we do the leg work and fight the insurance company for you.

During our initial free consultation, we will help you understand the injury claim process from start to finish and what medical evidence and other documentation related to property damage, lost wages, and any other type of damage that is related to your auto accident.

A Reliable Personal Injury Law Office Serving Middle Tennessee

Fighting for the injury compensationcan be a time consuming and difficult process. Our office normally spends 15-40 hours of time per case which consists of multiple client meetings, completion of forms, requesting medical evidence, providing a medical analysis, and communicating with the insurance companies to increase your compensation.

While many people attempt to go through this process on their own, do not wait until it’s too late to hire an attorney as the statute of limitations in Tennessee is short at only a year from the date of the accident — meaning you must file a lawsuit within the time period or your injury compensation just went out the window.

The best time to contact our office is just after your automobile accident so we can limit the amount of the communication between you and the insurance company, provide an immediate investigation into the accident itself, and provide useful information moving forward to you so that you can rest at ease knowing that our office will take care of you while you get the medical treatment you need.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

Injury cases can be extremely complex depending on the level of injury, type of accident, and the insurance company involved. Most of our clients have no clue about “right of reimbursement” provisions contained in the client’s own health and auto insurance policies — meaning if you accept compensation from the third-party auto insurance company who is at-fault without consideration the amount of benefits provided by your health insurance or even your own auto insurance under medical-payment benefits, then you are shooting yourself in the foot from the get go.

We keep a close eye on any monies that must be paid back as part of your settlement and frequently get reductions on balances owed to medical providers, health insurance companies, and auto insurance companies under med-pay. The more we save you, the more you take home at the end of the day.

Any other law firm who doesn’t take the time to save you money is hurting your case.

This is just one example on why a good attorney can make a difference in injury cases. We know countless strategies that should be implemented in order to maximize your compensation. Call today and we’ll tell you a few.

How Can We Get Started?

Our office is merely a phone call away and would be happy to speak with you about your case in a free consultation. Doesn’t cost you a dime. We only get paid once you get paid. This is something we take very seriously so we do a full analysis of your case prior to our decision to represent individuals.

Call today for the confidence you deserve in moving forward in the fight against the insurance companies.

Where Do We Help Injury Clients?

We serve residents throughout the Middle Tennessee area and have even represented individuals all the way from Memphis, to Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville.

However, most of our clients do originate from the Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne, Nashville, Antioch, Manchester, Woodbury, and Tullahoma areas. Contact us today to get started on your case. Call 615-896-5600!

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I want to thank Robert Bragdon with Bragdon & Bragdon Attorney’s At Law Firm for helping me with my personal injury case from a terrible car accident I experienced. From the moment I found their website the prior reviews had my attention so after speaking with Robert , his knowledge of the law and the manner in which he answered my questions, I wanted to meet in person. I love the family dynamic of the firm and immediately saw he was a straight shooter! He will represent your injury case to the fullest and work for the best outcome! My life is forever changed from this experience yet extremely thankful for the outcome and none of this could’ve been possible without my “Rockstar” Personal Injury Attorney Robert Bragdon!” – Cassandra Thomas

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